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   Car Buy Tips


Make Sure all the points before buying an old Car

  • Check all the original documents relevant to Car registration in Transport Department.

  • Check for exhaust smoke color (dark colour indicates engine wear), engine noise and any other vibration.

  • Check the condition of all four tyres and spare tyre.

  • If you have a mechanic, take him along with you to test the condition of suspensions, clutch, engine, exhaust and body.

  • Check the condition of the Battery & Air-Conditioning system of the carFor a power steering, check if the steering column has no play, check for power steering fluid and brake fluid levels.Check any dents and misalignment of the body which indicate the possibility of an accident.

  • Check for all tools required are available, for replacing the tyre, cleaning the spark plug and additional tools as required.

  • Finally, Check for the Radiator condition, Engine Oil, Screen Wash fluid and take the car for a test drive.

  • Drive the car at low speeds in top gear and listen for peculiar vibrations. Unusual noises coming from the Engine area or under the car are usual suspects.
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