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RTO Registration Procedure

No Person shall drive any motor vehicle or cause or permit one to be driven if it is not registered in accordance with the MVA and CMVR. Every motor vehicle has to be registered with the RTO under whose jurisdiction the owner of the vehicle normally resides, or has a place for conducting business.

Documentation & Procedure for :

New vehicle Registration

For new vehicles that are to be registered at an address within Delhi city, the dealer submits the relevant papers to the RTO under whose jurisdiction the address falls.

New vehicles which are to be registered outside the jurisdiction of Delhi RTO need, a certificate of temporary registration (CRTM) issued by the RTO in whose jurisdiction the Dealer is located.

In Maharashtra the RTO - Temporary Registration, is valid for a period of 14 days, within which period the Permanent Registration Number for the vehicle has to be obtained from the relevant RTO office.

PROCEDURE: The following documents have to be submitted to the RTO office:
  1. Invoice - (photocopy)
  2. Sale Certificate (form no. - 23) - (original)
  3. Insurance covernote / policy - (photocopy)
  4. Proof of address - (photocopy of ration vehicled, tel. bill etc.)
  5. Certificate of Sales Tax payment- (original)
  6. Receipt of Octroi payment - (original)
  7. Financier's letter - (original)
    (For vehicles purchased with finance, the financier's letter addressed to the RTO is required to endorse the financier's lien on the vehicle.)
  8. PUC certificate issued by the manufacturer (form no. - 22)
  9. Form -20 (Application for New vehicle Registration)
  10. Pencil imprint of Chassis No.
  11. PAN / GIR No. issued by the I.T.Authority.
    (Every individual and company who is buying a vehicle is required to furnish the PAN / GIR No. In case of failure to produce the same the buyer is required to make a declaration by submitting Form No:60 to the RTO.)

For vehicles registered outside city limits, Octroi is not applicable. The dealer however obtains a CRTM (certificate of temporary registration) from the local RTO, to enable the owner to transport the vehicle to the RTO office for obtaining the permanent registration number.


Transfer Of Ownership

When you buy or sell a used vehicle, the ownership of the vehicle changes.

The original owner (Transferer) who is selling the vehicle, must inform the RTO with which the vehicle was registered about this transfer, by sending a letter with information about the new owner (Transferee) within a period of 14 days. In case the new owner falls in jurisdiction of another RTO, then the owner has to inform this RTO by sending a similar letter. On receiving an acknowledgement of receipt of the letter from the RTO, the seller (Transferer) is indemnified of all legal, tax, traffic, criminal and other liabilities pertaining to the vehicle. The seller must also take a delivery note signed by the buyer (Transferee).

The following documents have to be submitted to the RTO to effect the transfer of ownership of the vehicle:
  1. Form "TCA" - Intimation of transfer by Transferee (buyer)
  2. Form "TCR" - Intimation of transfer by Transferor (seller)
  3. Form No.29 - Notice of transfer of ownership of vehicle.
  4. Form No.30 - Report of transfer of ownership of vehicle.
  5. Valid Insurance policy
  6. PUC Certficate
  7. Address proof of the Transferee (the buyer)
  8. Evidence of payment of all taxes up-to-date.
  9. Form No.28 - Application for N.O.C. and grant of certificate
    (If the buyer falls in the RTO jurisdiction of another state, then form no.28 - the N.O.C. from local RTO is required)


Change of Address

If the owner of a vehicle changes his residence or place of business, he must inform the RTO of his new address within 30 days.

Documents to be submitted when you change your address:

  1. Form 33 - Intimation of change of address to be recorded in the Certificate of Registration.
  2. Address proof
  3. Form 28 - If the new address falls in the jurisdiction of another RTO then an NOC has to be obtained from the original RTO.

If the vehicle is to be used in another state for a period exceeding one year, a new registration number must be obtained.

When the owner transfers the vehicle to another state, the following documents are to be submitted:
  1. Form 27 - Application for assignment of new registration mark on removal of a Motor Vehicle to another state.
  2. Form 28
  3. Form 'FT'
  4. Address proof
  5. Valid insurance
  6. Pencil imprint of chassis no.


Duplicate Certificate of Registration

In case of loss or destruction of the RC Book (Certificate of Registration), the owner must inform the nearest police station and also inform the RTO with whom the vehicle is registered.

A duplicate RC Book can be obtained from the RTO on submitting the Form No.26
If the vehicle is under a finance contract an NOC for issue of duplicate RC Book from the financier is required (addressed to the RTO.)


Documents for vehicles under Finance Contracts

While registering a new vehicle which is under a finance contract with a financier, Form No.34 has to be submitted, to endorse the financiers lien in the Resgistration Certificate (RC Book) of the vehicle. The financier also needs to submit a letter requesting the RTO to endorse their lien.

On completion of the finance contract the lien of the financier can be removed on submitting Form No.35 (notice of termination of the finance contract/agreement) which is issued by the financier along with a letter from the financier to the RTO stating their 'No Objection' for the termination of their lien.

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